About TimeSaved

TimeSaved started as an online marketplace where entrepreneurs could quickly connect with someone seeking their unique skills. After feedback from employers, workers and recruiters, it became apparent that partnering with staffing agencies was a better way forward.

Starting with Rohan Jacob and his keen understanding of customer insights from running a $35 million business, the team quickly grew: all passionate about transforming the candidate experience and connecting workers to jobs faster.

Building on the framework and data from its predecessor, TimeSaved is now a unique mobile solution for recruiters, helping temp agencies and employment agencies fill jobs fast with perfectly matched candidates.

Our team is super talented, they come from the likes of Salesforce, Microsoft, D2L, ATI, SunLife and Future Shop.

Bruce Chau - CTO

The Staff of TimeSaved

Rohan Jacob

Founder and CEO

As a former manager at Futureshop, Rohan discovered that there was an immediate need for a modernized system for arranging part-time and temporary staffing needs. This is where the idea for TimeSaved was born.

When he’s not running TimeSaved, Rohan indulges in travel, food exploration and reading everything he can about business and fantasy/sci-fi.

Bruce Chau

Co-Founder and CTO

Bruce is a lover of travel, magic, tournaments and bourbon. This passion has taken him on journeys from Kentucky bound road trips to Costa Rican mountain hikes.

Bruce joined the TimeSaved team after he attended the ACCESS conference and noticed a lack of technology in the recruitment and staffing sector.

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